Oh to Knit

Much of my life growing up was dedicated to pointe shoes, tights and a fast paced life. After recovering from my first hip surgery that landed me on the couch for months, I was determined to learn how to be patient, how to not move, and how to stay sane. My now mother in-law taught me how to knit in 2002 on a summer vacation in Nantucket. I still have my first swatch. Knitting became a way to dance with my hands and to find a rhythm of my own. It saved me in many ways as a therapeutic way to lessen my emotional loss. I was able to cultivate a new passion, discover joy in creating something unique with my hands, develop patience and understand the beauty in a quiet process. Each of my knit pieces has its own journey. Many hold stories that weave in and out of my life and are pleasant reminders of the times I sat down with yarn, in all places of the world, and simply knit.

If you are a knitter, please find me on Ravelry as ARosie. I’d love to admire what you are working on!


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