Fall is officially here in Northern Virginia. The trees are shifting, deep oranges and reds line my streets and the air has a crisp coolness about it. I’m not quite sure where the past 4 months have gone, but they have drifted away as effortlessly as the leaves that now cover our porch.

A bit in disbelief, I have finished 4 months of my clinical rotations….a third of the way done! I spent two month in an adult internal medicine clinic in Burke Virginia, a month in the Emergency Department and have just come home from pediatrics in Fredericksburg, VA. I spent 3 weeks with a lovely couple in Fredericksburg who were gracious enough to share their home with me and was blessed to find friendships in both of them along the way. I surprised myself and loved the ER more than expected…I had been dreading it! It was a churning mix of people and ailments that kept me on my toes and provided satisfying responsibilities as a student. My stitching skills came in handy more than once 🙂 Unfortunately, my pediatrics site left much for desire but I left confirming that I love love love working with children. What’s not to love about being goofy, listening to elmo’s heart, seeing newborns, and picking out halloween costumes. I’m sold.

In the mix of it all, ‘life’ has continued to weave its way through the different locations and shifts. Brad and I have set our wedding date (yay!) in September of 2012 and I have gotten sidetracked with the fun of details. As if 2 dogs wasn’t enough, Brad reclaimed a family pet who was in need of a loving owner and so we welcomed Max to the mix (crazy, yes I know).

We have a much-needed fun-packed weekend that starts tomorrow with a dinner reservation at Mini Bar (only took us 2+ years to get in!), a black tie wedding at the Hay Adams with Brad’s childhood friends from California, a day at the farm in Middleburg and a reunion with an old friend.

I’m looking forward to it before packing up again and heading up to Baltimore for a month of OB/GYN.