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No land in sight. 2500 miles. 10 days at sea. Half way there.

My Brave Seafaring Brother,

It was amazing to hear your voice tonight and think about you with the sun beating down on your chest and the wind behind your back. I inhaled deeply, more than I had expected, at hearing your voice and giggled like a child to know you were safe. I think of you every day and wonder where exactly you are. I would have loved to remain connected to you for just a little longer.

I wanted to know how the water felt against your toes, is it cold? What time does the sun come up to wake you? Can you see shooting stars at night and does the moon glisten to light your path? How big was the tuna you caught and do you see any fins in the distance? When did your cough subside and are you ever sea-sick? Do you like reading Huckleberry Finn? Are you wearing sunscreen lotion and did you bring enough beer? Have the Tibetan flags blown their prayers into the wind? How many knots did she sail at today? Do the days blend into each other or do you wake up with excitement and adventure?

I am so proud of you. You are courageous, spontaneous, full of love and life. You constantly surprise and inspire me.

May the sea to watch over you, keep you safe, and share her secrets with you. I am eager to hear your voice again. I love you more than you can know.


Your Adoring Sister.