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Yesterday I came home to a pile of brown boxes all waiting for ME. Coincidentally all our recent purchases decided to be delivered on the same day…it was as if FedEx knew that I had just finished a brutal exam and needed a pick-me-up.

I was giddy with excitement.

Brad and I are leaving for a vacation destined to Costa Rica on Saturday morning. The upcoming trip provided me with a nice excuse to spoil myself. I don’t go shopping often but when I do–I don’t mess around! 😉

Indulge me with my visual show and tell.

I got new summer clothes from South Moon Under and J. Crew and 2 new swimsuits to show off my hard work. Color palette now, real photos later!

interesting patterns

unique designs


bright colors

Camera gear to play around with for our Costa Rica adventures… I wanted a portable tripod that wouldn’t take up much luggage space. I had a gorillapod tripod for my old point and shoot and loved it so decided to get the same kind, only sturdier for my Canon Rebel. I also got a fish eye lens from Opteka to dabble in some funky visual effects.

We ordered a really fun beach game we fell in love with last summer out in Nantucket to take with us for some beach-time, sand-loving fun. It’s a take on the traditional catch and release koosh ball game but with trampoline like sport discs. Very addicting.

I can’t wait for our trip!

And if Christmas in March couldn’t get any better…

Arriving days earlier than expected, my maid of honor dress for my sister’s wedding from J.Crew arrived and is gorgeous. Incidentally my workout dip bar that was back ordered for months from Ultimate Body Press arrived too! I was eager to try it out so I did my first workout with it last night! I think I’m going to be using it often.


There was one more box I opened and was quite confused…a pair of shoes. A pair of adorably cute, comfortable, screaming beach-worthy shoes…that I did not order. After a few moments of excited confusion I read the order information and realized that my dear friend Allie had mailed me a pair as a gift. I was tickled that she thought of me and LOVE them! I think I even did a happy dance. They are made by Simple and are a vegan, environmentally friendly shoe that biodegrades in 20 years (as opposed to the industry average of 1,000 years!)…just the thing my wonderful earth loving friend would know I would appreciate and love. Thank you Allie!!


Our Costa Rica resort does not have internet so I will share all of our adventures when we get back in a week! Unless we decide to quit everything and stay 🙂