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Sometimes I just need to feel pampered.

Keswick, Virginia

I need to recreate the feeling of soaking in an infinite pool overlooking beautiful landscape. I need to recreate old spa days of massages, mineral pools, relaxation and fresh skin. A busy school schedule often translates into little ‘me’ time. I’ve found a great way to reconcile that this year…small treats that make me feel almost like I’m at a day spa.

One of my favorite new treats are freshly made face masks from LUSH. They last for about 3 weeks in the refrigerator and each tub spreads out to cover about 5+ masks…and all for $5.95. I love how cool the mask feels going on, the tightened skin after minutes, the fresh smooth feel I’m left with.

This is one item you can’t get online at Amazon…you have to buy it from the actual store. They are shipped in weekly (I think every Tuesday) from Canada FRESH! Bring back 5 empty pots and you get a free mask! It’s easy, cheap and makes me feel like a goddess.


I almost shared a picture with the face mask on but then thought better of it! 🙂

Here’s a brochure about each of their face masks.


In addition to face masks, here are some other soothing ways I like to wind down:

Piping hot bathtubs filled with aromatherapy and epsom salts or bath bombs to make a therapeutic night

Keihl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Cream and Midnight Recovery Oil to get ‘beauty sleep’ regardless of the hours I sleep

Yes to Carrots Deliciously Rich Body Butter…my body can’t ever get enough lotion…with a foot massage

A glass of wine from my favorite wine store in Aldie where there are “100 wines under 10” [not quite 100 but a wonderful selection for cheap]

A homemade popsicle

Reading a good book while snuggling with Winston, my golden, in bed