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I have failed this week.

With high aspirations to blog this past weekend, the time just seemed to slip away from me. It was hard enough to remember to record my workouts. I was feeling a bit under the weather after having a full week of studying for 3 exams this past Friday. It was as if my body and mind mutually decided to rebel against me. I took a relaxing weekend…made 3 batches of new biscotti with my father (of which the banana turned out to be my favorite), documented birds for the Annual Great Backyard Bird Count, picked up my long locked away knitting project and started a sleeve, caught up on past episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Big Love, hiked in Sky Meadows State Park, went shopping and got a new dress for Costa Rica (more details to come…) from Anthropologie, fit in a mini-workout with Brad, tried on a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding, browsed through wedding magazines for my own…read and slept! All collectively made for a no-responsibility, mind-numbingly simple, low-key weekend. Just what the PA in me ordered 🙂

My inspiration for blogging tonight, albeit short and of little content, was Allie. She was awarded a stylish blogger award last week and consequently created a Creative and Beautiful page to highlight blogs she follows. As a best friend, my name inevitably got tagged onto the list of other ‘real bloggers’ but I was tickled with the compliment nonetheless.  In a short introduction she writes, ” A full-time PA student, I don’t know how Ashley could possibly have any time to blog.” I laughed and then went…oh wait! I haven’t blogged in forever! The past month-long material of renal and GI clinical medicine that got crammed into several hours of exams was enough to do me in. What was I thinking….blogging about anything is more enjoyable than studying all the crap involved in the GI…literally. 🙂 It is refreshing to make time to write.

Thank you, Allie, for being a stylish blogger, for being an understanding friend (a post dedicated to how awesome you are will take up entirely too much time tonight so it will have to wait), for blogging about your passions, for being humble, for being beautiful, for being strong, for being an inspiration to me. Love you!

Allie and I at her wedding.


Stay tuned for new posts.

I’m back 🙂