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Wow. I hit this weekend hard. I was apparently itching for sweat.

Have you ever had your hands shake from working out? It was a new experience for me. Legs shake sure…arms shake sure…forearms quiver sure…never my actual fingers. It’s actually quite difficult to type this right now…

I’ve never boxed before and wanted to try out Boxing Bootcamp through Rebecca, our instructor for the Butts and Guts Challenge at MAX Fitness. We didn’t really get an intro to Boxing 101 and just jumped right into to a high intensity warm-up with enough jabs and cuts to make my head spin. The class was broken up into 2 different circuits, one with punching bags and one focusing on agility and legs. 3 minutes on, 1 minute off, 5 stations for each group followed by abs and stretching at the end. Despite having my hands wrapped up, I managed to break skin on 1 knuckle and bruise 6. Haha…sounds all a bit crazy! But I loved it.

I was drenching in sweat and found some untapped inner power that felt intense satisfaction at pummeling the bag (and my hands on accident) to a pulp. Perhaps I found a new way to harness my energy and let out some steam!

I created my own workout yesterday using furniture sliders that also managed to be one of my hardest workouts yet. I am usually pretty good about breathing and pushing through but this workout made me grunt yell out a couple of times to keep going.

I call it Slider Slaughter.

5 minute warm-up. Each set was 4 minutes: 6 reps of 10/30 sec intervals for a 20 minute HIIT Slider Slaughter!


1. Reverse ab crunches in a plank and Mountain Climbers (sliders on both feet)
2. One Legged Lunges with Sandbag R/L. Sandbag weight on standing leg, slider leg lunge back (1 slider used)
3. Side Lunges with opposite arm 6 lb shoulder press R/L (1 slider used)
4. Push-Ups (I had to go down to my knees for these) and Alternating One Handed Arm Extension in a plank (sliders on both hands)
5. Interval Jump Rope Skipping 90% max effort

After a relaxing steamy hot bath, I’m feeling pretty good–if only my hands would stop quivering. It’s going to be a rockin’ week.

Bring it!