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I am starting to create a wedding website for my younger sister using http://www.weddingwire.com and as I was creating their pages I realized I hadn’t ever blogged about her engagement! My sister Megan is ALSO engaged but she is planning a wedding much faster than I will be! They will be tying the knot on May 28th this summer, only 2 weeks after she graduates from college at Butler University. Jordan popped the question over Thanksgiving break and we were all thankful to be adding him to our family!

Jordan and Megan met in high school but didn’t start dating until the summer after they graduated, although they each had their eye on the other before then! Their quick summer romance bloomed and her freshman year was a bit of long distance once they realized they still had the hots for each other. After 1 more summer together, Jordan left for a 2 year mission in Mexico with the LDS Church. He came back this August and was still in love with my little sissy. Lucky for him, she was too. 🙂 Three months later–boom–they are engaged! Hard to believe my little sister will beat me to the altar. We were actually just watching some old family videos tonight and Megan was one year old, stumbling around trying to walk. I was trying to teach her how to dance and twirl. She flapped her hands and awkwardly turned in circles…I picked her up and took care of her, as much as I, the 7 year old big sister, could. It was fun to watch us together and I was amazed at how quickly we have all grown up. My little sister who was spitting on her birthday candle and reaching for the flame to make it go out is now getting married. Crazy! How fun that we can both share in our engagement time together.

Her fiance, Jordan, is studying at BYU and still has a couple more years left of undergraduate…so she’ll be packing up and heading west to my old home state of Utah. BYU was my college rival at the University of Utah, so I can’t say that I’m pleased she will be in Provo as opposed to Salt Lake City…but not much I can do about that! She will be graduating with an education degree and after during moving-in will be job searching for a science teaching position. As long as a school has an opening, I think she’ll be ‘in’. I don’t think anyone could turn her away after meeting her.

I’ll post a link to her wedding website once it is up and running.

They are an adorable couple and I am very excited for them!

Congrats my Megan, I love you!