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I can’t do it again.

“Snowmageddon” of 2010 was one of the worst 4 days of my life.

Now, as I sit staring out my window…it’s starting to snow like crazy and the weatherman is predicting a nice 8 inches…nothing like the 30+ inches we had last February but just the sight of the rapidly falling snow is starting to make me panic.

This was actually the December storm, so was less snow than the Snowmaggdon!


I was home alone with our 4 golden retrievers last year for the February snow storm nightmare. I believe that just about everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The power was out on the first day of the storm and the house plummeted to the low 40s. When we lose power, we lose water…A major downside to having well water. I was melting snow for the dogs to have something to drink.

I spent a couple of hours digging my way out to our wood pile and then hauled up gobs of wood, but not knowing much about wood I brought up green wood. So, no fire. A tree fell down in our front yard blocking the driveway and it took the larger part of a full day with the help of neighbors to handsaw the tree apart and haul it out of the way. Of course, there wasn’t much point in ‘freeing’ up the driveway, when nothing had been plowed. Our phone lines were out and without a charger, my cell phone was also dead.

I had no means to cook, as our stoves are not gas but electric. I lived off of a loaf of cranberry bread from Wegman’s with cream cheese and jam. I had a pharmacology exam looming ahead and between all the shoveling and the whole trying to stay alive bit I didn’t get any time to study. I was defeated and cold. A bit melodramatic maybe, but I was miserable. Had I been Scarlett O’Hara, I would have died. In my weakest moment of the storm, I broke down sobbing to my mom on the phone, grabbed a bottle of wine, a bag of potato chips and climbed into bed at 3pm with my dogs.

It was a storm I will never forget.


This time though, I am ready. We have high-powered battery operated lanterns. We have burnable wood. We have a camping gas stove top. We have food.

Still…I can’t do it again.

Please, snow gods, spare us this winter.