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I need something to motivate me to push myself during these cold winter months.

I need motivation. I need a destination.

New River Gorge.

We went to New River Gorge, WV this past fall with my best friend Adam and his girlfriend, Brianne. We had a lovely time but I didn’t get in nearly enough climbing. I guess it was somewhat expected…Adam was on crutches after breaking his leg and Brianne had never been climbing before. Adam managed to hobble around and we got Brianne up on the rocks for her first time!


….Even though the camping-climbing trip turned into more of a camping trip that left me yearning for more, we did manage to get in several super fun routes.

Only a tease though….only a tease.

The weather could not have been more perfect. It was October and in the high 70s. Our winter ‘arctic-ready’ gear was an overkill blessing. We were toasty warm at night by the fire and had the sun beating on our backs during the day. The leaves were in full glory and we had a quaint secluded camping spot tucked away in the woods.

The food could not have been better: yummy hot chili, vegetarian wraps from Salamander Market in Middleburg, fresh fruit, hot coffee and oatmeal, banana nut bread and homemade quinoa granola. We ate like kings.

Of course, we had to bring Winston also known as “Whooper”. He was an angel for the trip. Not only did he put up with a suitcase size space in the car ride, but he did amazingly well off-leash.

He’s the best dog there ever is.


I can’t wait to go back with Brad and explore the rocks, climb all day, come back to a camp site exhausted but satisfied, and wake up to the morning sun and a camp fire, gently stretching my body for more.

This is my motivation to be strong.


What’s yours?