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DIY Sandbag

Inspired to keep up with as many bodyrock.tv workouts as I can, I was faced with the task of finding a way to create a sandbag. Zuzana has started to use more sandbags in her workouts and the one she recommends buying is $99.99–an investment I am willing to make at some point….just not yet. Bodyrockers have asked this question before and many have been pretty creative….place dumbbells in a large purse, use a bookbag filled with books, wrap weights in scarves and then in suitcase.

So, I began to think…how do I make a sandbag that isn’t terribly bulky and awkward. I have weights to throw into purses and I definitely have books upon books upon books, but I wanted something as close to a sandbag as I could get.

I found something and it is perfect so far.

My mom recently made a trip out to Leesburg and I asked begged pleaded her to stop into Costco and see if they had any jumbo bags of rice. I wasn’t quite sure how it would translate to a sandbag but for creating something on a dime, I thought Costco would be my best bet. She not only succeeded in getting me a hefty rice bag, all 20 pounds of it, but also found one that came in a burlap bag with handles.

My first workout with my Basmati Rice Sandbag went surprisingly well with two-handed sandbag swings. The handles stood up to the forces of gravity and my incredible strength 😛

My latest killer workout yesterday, Swimming In My Own Sweat Workout required single arm sandbag swings and I wanted to make sure the handles and my hands wouldn’t get torn up. So in the jasmine rice went and….

TaDa!! My new Rock My Body Sandbag!

All for under $20.

And if I ever get really sick of it, I’ll have yummy rice to eat for months. And I’m already scheming up things to do with the neat burlap print…(no! It will must stay my sandbag!)

My arms are going to be cursing it later but for now, I’m excited to have it!



Have you found any creative ways to make workout equipment?