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Last weekend Brad and I entertained two friends, David and Morgan, out at the farm in Middleburg and were surprised when they said they would bring food and cook for us! David walked in with nearly 7 bags of groceries. Rather than calling and asking if we some standard pantry items he played it safe and hauled over a mini-Safeway. In scavenging through the farm refrigerator, he was probably right to have brought over most of it. We tend to not keep perishable goods there because we never know when we will be back.

David confessed this would be one of his first times really cooking and his very first cooking for Morgan. His past culinary ventures seemed to be on par with microwaving corn. This was a big deal. We jokingly checked the local pub, Hunter’s Head, to see how late they stayed open in case dinner was a flop. (only semi-joked…) No no no, we had complete confidence in David. He was armed with 7 bags full of groceries, a determination to make something tasty, and a small army of cheerleaders. We were not allowed to help.

While David was a whirlwind by the stove, we all relaxed, munched on some delicious salami, cheese and dips, and opened up the first bottle of wine.

I grew up with David, we were a close-knit family since elementary school in a Japanese Immersion program, and despite being distant for years there was a quality of comfort and home being around him….in a way that only childhood friends create. This was my second time being with Morgan and it was so neat to get to know her better. She is warm, genuine, intelligent, motivated, and easy to be around. They are an adorable couple and we had such fun spending time together. David, I very much approve.

We all helped out in the final preparations for dinner and were all quite amazed (although deep down we knew he’d come through) at how the food looked.

…the taste followed suit.

Grand success! We savored a spicy shrimp pasta and a crispy fresh salad. David was, of course, critical but we all loved it and came back for seconds. Brad and I devour spicy foods so the kick in the pasta hit the spot. We had a nice selection of wines and a tasty bottle of bubbly to celebrate the night.

No longer a culinary virgin…Morgan is now looking forward to future dining treats! (hint hint)

Thanks for braving the culinary world for us David!

Cheers to new friends and dinner parties!