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Terribly preemptive, yes.

But, he has insisted with great fervor over the past year that he will be the godfather of our children.  And now that we are engaged, he refers to me as the mother of his unborn godson, and or, daughter.

He is one of Brad’s best friends, dating back to our high school years, and he has grown to be a close friend of mine. We recently spent time together without Brad while he was away on vacation and I hinted a tinge of jealousy in Brad’s voice when he returned….”you can’t steal my best friend!”

He has been supportive of our relationship from its inception over a decade ago, insisting with Brad now that he has always known we’d be together in the end. We are in the process of creating some sort of award for him. “…the champion of continual support, who possesses psychic powers of love.”….or something else equally over-the-top, teeming with lauds.

So, without further ado….meet Ali

Ali and Brad acting goofy...there was much resistance to a photo shoot


But, in all seriousness, he is an incredible friend whom Brad and I both cherish.

He is…

thoughtful….after my recent request for new workout tunes he made me a 50 song playlist and brought it over last night. I can’t wait to workout now!

insightful…he is always able to share a unique perspective on a situation.

hysterical….he has a sense of humor that Brad often tries to outmatch.

smart…he works to “keep us safe”.

competitive…he never turns down a beer pong challenge even though we often beat him. (we enjoy playing beer pong with water these days…lame perhaps…but the college days of pong are long gone)

helpful…he is one of the first people not only to offer help, but one you can rely on to follow through.

silly….we always have a good time goofing off together (think mini dance offs and interpretive dancing). He brings out a goofy side of Brad I rarely get to see.

engaging….he always thinks to ask about my school and life and is genuinely interested in listening to a response.

Ali is our friend.

Now he’s probably embarrassed with this post…but he had threatened to never post on my blog without a proper introduction.

Thank you Ali, for your support and friendship and fun.

We love you, future godfather.