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….Music Emergency….

Week one of meeting my goal for 5 short, effective workouts a week…check!

I was studying tonight for a cardiology review session tomorrow and realized that I had only completed 4 of my workouts. My whole engagement mid-week threw my schedule for a spin! 20 minutes later tonight I had suffered completed the MMA Bodyrock workout…even if I did stammer up to the dinner table nearly hyperventilating. Growing up as a dancer, my heart was conditioned for sprint-like, short bouts of exercise. The dances or barre exercises lasted as long as a classical music piece, not 20 minutes of high intensity cardio. Learning to jog and last a spin class was a cardio triumph, although I wonder if the monotony of the same movement helps. I have been heaving this past week with the BodyRock Workouts.

BUT—what I really need now that I’ve successfully completed week 1 is some rockin’ music tunes! My current tunes aren’t cutting it and I need some recommendations for my workout ipod shuffle. I love my shuffle for the ease of gym workouts. It is easy to clip on and unobtrusive. And it can fit a ton of songs!! (hint, hint) With years of past dance training, my body instinctively moves to a beat.

I need some intense fast beat workout tunes that will make me want to kill the workout, or at the very least finish the song!

The only music disclaimer is that I am not a huge fan of ‘screaming’ heavy metal or rap.

I listen to classical music on Pandora when I am studying as lyrics distract me and if an audio book is not playing on my commute it is usually keeping my attention with NPR or a Dave Matthews Band CD. No AUX jack in my car so my car ride music has fallen to the wayside. When I do listen to the radio, I tune into 101.1 FM (for the locals in DC) but otherwise I’m completely in the dark as to new (or old) catchy tunes would be to amp up my workouts.

The only music I have right now that holds a fast enough beat is Michael Franti & the Spearheads, Pearl Jam On Two Legs LIVE, The Roots Come Alive, Rusted Root When I Woke, Incubus, 311, and some selected Dave Matthews songs.

After realizing that I had the potential to tap into a wealth of good music recommends from you, I knew that music was a fitting post to start the new week.

Do you have a must-have workout playlist?

If you could only pick one song to jam out to when you are hitting the gym, what is it?