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Every girl has a proposal story. Here’s mine.

Unexpected. Perfect. Happiness.

Brad and I were planning to go out to dinner on Wednesday night to spend some time together. My school schedule has begun in full and after being away for the past 2 weeks, we needed some quality time. We often find a weeknight and go somewhere nice for dinner—it’s a great way to escape from school and being the foodies that we are, we love dining out at new restaurants. So, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to get dressed for dinner in a dress, even on a Wednesday night. He called when I was getting ready and said to leave as soon as possible–the restaurant was farther away than he thought at first. I hate being late to dinner reservations so I was frantically rushed trying to leave my house and make it to his on time. I even left my wallet at home. Traffic was kind and I made good time. I walked in and he had a dozen red roses for me. Again, not unusual. He buys me roses often.

I know, I’m lucky.

We hopped in the car and sped off! We made it just down the road when he began patting down his jacket. He also forgot his wallet and acted a bit frustrated as we were already late. Thankfully he realized this sooner than later and we drove back so he could run in and grab it. His phone alerted him to an email and he exasperatingly said he needed to call Joe (his boss) right away. It would only take a few seconds. Again, not unusual. He mumbled that he thought his wallet is in his bedroom and asked if I’d run in and grab it.

I was a bit annoyed, being in a dress and high heels, to have to rummage around and find his wallet. I had no clue where his wallet was and he tends to place things in odd locations. I ran inside. I opened up his bedroom doors (they are 2 thin double swinging doors) and immediately veered for his dresser. Looking back on the night, I saw a sliver of a glimmering ring out of the corner of my eye. We went ring shopping a month ago so I have ‘known’ that a proposal was around the corner and have been super cautious this month to not move things around, fearful I would find something I wasn’t supposed to. I don’t think it even registered that there was a ring sitting out. If anything, I thought “oh great, he left it out and I just ruined something…” For there was no way that he is proposing now…when we are rushing to our dinner reservation, when we are searching for a wallet. I focused my attention on the dresser in search of his wallet. I believe my beelining and lack of processing happened in a matter of milliseconds. I heard him coming in and still couldn’t find his wallet. He looked at me searching for it and was like, “REALLY!!!”

I turned around and realized there not only was indeed a ring sitting out open but I was supposed to have found it! He had put his wallet under the ring box…but since I wasn’t looking at the ring box I didn’t get it.  It’s amazing what our brains can do when we don’t process pieces of information.


He got down on one knee and proposed.

It was perfect. He is amazing.

He was surprisingly nervous. What did he think I was going to say!? Silly boy. For being as ‘in the know’ as I was already, I was floored that he managed to surprise me. I was expecting a predictable weekend moment…not us rushing to dinner on a Wednesday night moment.

[Indulge me in a short break in my story to brag about my perfect ring…]

As I had mentioned before, we had been ring shopping before the holidays. I was excited and thankful to be a part of the process. Colin, the jeweler who worked with me for my grandmother’s ring, assisted us in designing a ring just for me. There were a lot of aspects about engagement ring designs that I did not like…but it was fairly easy to highlight the aspects I did. I wanted something simplistic in design. At first I didn’t think I liked side diamonds but with this ring, the smaller diamonds seemed to lend a shimmering foundation for the solitaire. I loved a round brilliant cut solitaire and the classic look created. My biggest concern was the height of the ring. I enjoy working with my hands often and have always found high set rings to get in the way. Colin promised we could set a stone as low as possible. With all these details, I had narrowed down my top choices and wanted to leave the last decisions with Brad. Again, he spoils me.

[back to the story…]

After the proposal superficially sunk-in, one of my first questions was, “do we have to rush off to dinner? are we even going to dinner!?” Reservations were at 815 all along. Well-played Brad!

He had a chilled bottle of Champagne, or “champers” as we call it, waiting for us.

We toasted to an incredible future and he shared how many times he almost asked…how nervous he was…and told me all the reasons why he loved me and wanted to grow old with me.

We celebrated at Makoto, one of the best Japanese restaurants in D.C. Japanese food is my #1 favorite…another perfectly matched dinner choice for the night. With a delicious bottle of Sake and a 10 course tasting menu, we were in food heaven. I was even able to practice some of my Japanese with the chefs and servers. We collect menus from our top restaurants and they were kind enough to let us have one as a memory, the newest addition to our culinary wall of fame.


Only 5 days into 2011 and it has already turned out to be one of the best years.

I have an amazingly loving and supportive fiancé who is above all, my best friend. I couldn’t dream for more. I have been blessed to have him in my life for over 10 years now…3 months shy of 11! He was my first kiss as a sophomore in high school in March 2000 and my high school sweetheart. We have been on an incredible journey discovering our own selves and each other over the past decade. It has been a long difficult journey at times, spanning coasts and continents, but one that I would never exchange.

We have been stripped down to pure love. We are strong.

We are each other.

I have unwavering confidence that we can brave and overcome anything together which makes every day of the future an exciting gift. I am ecstatic and honored, and so very blessed, to discover my future with him.

Fitting that he holds my first kiss and will one day hold my last.

I love you Brad.