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Find a Health Behavior Change, Document It, and Write About It.

Our Primary Care professor, Dr. LeLacheur, tasked each of us with successful completing, or trying, a health behavior change by April 2011.. We are to find a partner and document a health behavior change we hope to accomplish by the end of the semester.

I joked that my health behavior change would be to have a healthy 1 glass of wine a day. I work out when I can, don’t drink excessively (at least not often), don’t smoke, floss (maybe could up that a bit though), avoid processed foods and eat a balanced diet of mostly fish and veggies/fruit. I thought on it for a little bit and it didn’t take me long to decide what I would do. I’d been wanting to do this for a long time now, but lacked the motivation to start. My inspiration was born from…..… BODYROCK.tv, a home fitness website by fitness guru Zuzana and Freddy.

I’ve read their website for almost an entire year!! and have yet to do a single workout…that is until today. Zuzana has a rockin’ jaw dropping body that she (and her husband, Freddy) claim they maintain by only doing the at-home workouts they post. Freddy does the workouts as well, even though not in the videos, and from what I can tell is just as ripped. They do nothing more. I didn’t believe them and spent a long time surfing the website, reading posts, watching videos, etc. Her exercises do not take more than 20 minutes, most are 15 minutes, and can be done at home using only your own bodyweight.

Sounds like just what I need.

I can surely fit in 20 minutes of working out in everyday, if not most days. My approach to working out has been very successful this past year but when exams are around the corner, I’m traveling, or just in a funk…my workouts fall behind and I notice a big difference in my emotional and mental health. I get grumpy, have increased neck and back pain, don’t sleep well and feel tired all the time. I realize that I need must find ways to workout effectively in a short time with not only my current schedule but looming clinical rotations that are ahead in July.

I have partnered with my friend Julie and decided that my health behavior change will be to find time for 5 short, effective workouts a week, ideally relying on Bodywork.tv. I think that establishing a set workout schedule or at least a minimum times per week will create more structure in my week. As a PA student, I have limited actual time to fit in workouts….lunch hour, right after school, or late at night. I’m not a morning person so waking up any earlier than I have to is out of the question.

With any health behavior change, success in reaching a goal is based on setting a realistic and attainable goal. A goal should be specific, feasible, and forgiving. My goal of 5 times a week is specific and feasible since I already work out 3-4 times a week, and forgiving since I realize that I will have weeks where I fail to meet this…but if I can maintain it on average I’m happy! It can also help to establish triggers that help you remember to fulfill your new goal… Bodyrock.tv is now my homepage. I will also have to write a short paper on my behavior change, so writing about it now will help reduce my work later!

I have several workout approaches to help me achieve 5 a week.

1. Follow BODYROCK.tv, my inspiration for this health behavior change.

2. Maintain a short jog (2-3 miles) once a week.

3. Use my new 1-UP bike trainer (new present!) once a week or attend a spin class.

4. Try to find time to work out with others whenever I can. I’ve got a great gym partner, Melissa, at GWU!


Who will help keep me accountable?

1. Me! I will use my blog here to keep an on-going log of my workouts. I’ve added a page, BodyRock, to my website and will update it. Fitness Log—check.

2. Julie–as my partner in crime (i’m trying to convince her to join me with Bodyrock.tv) we are supposed to check up with each other every so often. Hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem since I get to see her M-F.

3. Brad. I often tell him about my workouts during the day so if he doesn’t hear me talk about….he should start nagging me!

4. Melissa–as my gym partner on campus we can help and encourage each other.

I finished the Jan 1 challenge today — and now can barely walk — but I DID IT! 

What new health behavior changes do you want for yourself?