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This is one present to get excited over.

Zoku, the 7-9 minute incredible popsicle maker. I got this for both my father and my boyfriend this year for christmas…I don’t want to be without popsicles anywhere 🙂

You can always rely on my dad to yell out at night, “Grab me a popsicle when you come back!” I thought it would be fun to experiment with creating our own easy desserts at night. I tend to shy away from the usual heavy desserts and opt for fresh fruit, sorbet, or refreshing popsicles so this was enticing as a fresh way to recreate desserts at night. I’ve never made real popsicles before…the mess and time always deterred my sudden and random cravings for dessert. The Quick Pops recipe book is filled with yummy and creative looking desserts…once I browsed the recipe book I was sold. Creating these will be just as fun as eating devouring them! Our first try was lemonade popsicles and they were amazing!! Light, refreshing, healthy, simple, slightly sour….we wanted more!! Our second try wasn’t so good–my brother decided to make a mango pop but rather than use a juicer as the recipe called for simply blended them all (granted, we don’t have a juicer……yet…) together for a frozen concentrated smoothie-esque result. I believe our next purchase will be a juicer.

Any good juicer recommendations?