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VA Horse Races

What gorgeous weather for a day at the races! My parents came out to the farm and Brad and I took them to the Virginia Fall Races at Glenwood Park in Middleburg VA. The horses were magnificent and raced every 30 minutes in a steeplechase. We only stayed for 2 races, but it was well worth it. My dad’s wheelchair maneuvered the rocks just fine and it was fun to be out doing something unusual for us. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day of weather either.

Brad made a delicious lunch for us all and then we had much exploring to do at the farm since my parent’s had not been out in a year or so. Brad got to show off the new chicken coop he made (he’s becoming extremely handy which is awesome). He has 6 hens, 1 rooster (Brigham), and 28 baby chicks. The  baby chicks are so adorable. We convinced my dad to try to drive the ATV and low and behold, he turned out to be a speed demon and loved it! I rode behind him as we toured the vineyard and chased out a deer that had snuck in. I think we may be getting an ATV now….

I took Winston out with me for the weekend and he saw some new animals for the first time! He didn’t quite know what to make of a cow. Is it a really big black dog? Is it something to get close to? To be afraid of? I’ve never seen Winston’s back stand up so far than it did yesterday. He looked like a crouching camel.  He slinked under the fence and just laid there for a bit until venturing a little further. The cows are used to dogs, with 3 out on the farm, so they stood their ground with a little forceful snort. Winston ran away. THEN, Winston decided it would be a grand idea to find the largest cow pie he could find and roll in it. Yes, roll in it. Half his face was covered in cow poop, along with most of his front body. So, after a long and throughout herbal essence shampoo, he was no longer allowed near the cows.

Good weekend!