Oh to feel the swiftness of the needles back in my hands, to develop the slight callous on my left pointer finger, to have my tape measurer with me at all times, to feel the weight of a project nearly completion.

Oh yes, that’s it…my knitting! It has been quite neglected since moving back home. So neglected in fact, I was only kind enough to unpack it and stash it close enough to get a tempting glance every morning. I am half way done with a summer tank top that I began months ago. And because driving while knitting is generally frowned upon, as well as knitting in graduate school, my needles are cold and lonely. My goal this week is to find a peaceful hour that I can sit down and figure out where I’m at. I had stopped in the drive across country because I needed to make some calculations and try to make sure it would fit. I’m making huge adjustments to the pattern and so figured it would be wise to double check. Damn those calculations. And of course, now the weather is starting to chill and all I can think about is finishing this to start on a warm winter sweater. Time is truly my enemy.