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Major update for the week. Last Saturday I finally decided to chop off my hair to donate it to Locks of Love. After calling dozens of hair salons in the area I finally found a salon in my town that gave a discount for a donation hair cut. I’m not sure why other salons don’t offer this. The Landis Salon in SLC gives a complete cut/style for FREE when you donate your hair! And given that there is a 10″ requirement, it’s not like you can abuse this discount all that often! So I found one that gave 40% off which was the better of my options.

My mom was kind enough to come along for the haircut. I had a mini panic attack on the drive over. All the sudden I just started sweating profusely and needed the AC on full blast. The stylist spent about 30 minutes straightening my hair, divided it into 4 small ponytails and chopped it all off! I asked for the minimum of 10″ to be cut off and she ended up cutting off 14″. I was a bit shocked at how short it was but I guess the nice thing about hair is that it grows. I’m still getting used to the new do but seem to be compliments on it. I still don’t quite recognize myself and have mixed feelings on the cut itself but I guess that is to be expected when you suddenly are missing over a foot of your hair.