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Biochemistry and Physiology, here I come. Day 1 is under my belt for graduate school! I wasn’t sure what main emotion I would feel as I sat down to be a student again. I had loved the freedom and flexibility of the past several years but was also excited to be on a path again for my future plans. Thankfully, I’ve taken both courses in undergrad so I knew I would be relieved to have old material taught again. The professors in both courses seem engaging and interesting which was a relief as well. I stated the day with biochemistry and was dorkily excited to be touching on some basic protein function. I remembered the hours studying with friends, the joys of learning new things, the challenges the material brought, and the sense of accomplishment when learning. Chiral molecules never sounded so good. It was a great to be a student again. Hopefully that feeling continues to stay with me for at least the rest of the month! 🙂 I’m excited to have met a handful of quality people in my classes and hope I find some great new friends among them.

I thankfully only have 2 classes for the next couple weeks and this semester only forces me to wake up early twice a week! Great success! I pick up my other 7 classes (yikes!) the first of September. Yes, that’s right for a whopping total of 9 courses at 22 credits. Yes, I am crazy. But apparently you have to be a bit crazy to complete a masters in public health in an accelerated year program.