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My days have been numbered lately and now I’m at three days left to my first day of graduate school. Cousins that I haven’t seen in many years dropped into town on Monday, so for all of Monday I was able to go with them to several museums. We started at the National Museum of Medicine and Health at the Walter Reed Hospital complex, then went to Smithsonian American and Natural museum. The medical exhibits were great even the third time around. I am still incredibly grossed out by the massive hair ball (bezoar). It was the size of a stomach and formed in the same shape. Both two on display were to young girls with eating-hair-disorders. Utterly gross! They had a new exhibit called The Way We Work which is a book by David Macaulay. It displayed beautiful pencil colored drawings from the book, a new must buy for me. I’d love to find some prints of them and have them in my office at home. This is a drawing on the supply chain, our vascular system, that was a pretty neat illustration.

I hadn’t been to museums in DC in a long time (it seems only when family is in town) but with school starting in DC it was a great way to get a jump start on the sites nearby.

I am officially also all up to date on my immunizations! Woo-hoo! A tetanus shots hurts by the way.

Tomorrow, as my 2nd to last day, should be fun packed. Megan and I are going to wake up early and go climbing at the Great Falls park. I am going to go play 9 holes with my boyfriend, Brad, afterwards. I learned years ago but haven’t hit a ball since so it should be interesting! But, he learned to climb for me so I’ll learn to golf for him. It’s only fair right 😉 Then a nice afternoon at the farm with a dinner picnic at the vineyard. I guess if my days are numbered, I better go out with a bang!