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New excitements in my life.

1. New iphone system comes june 19th. I can’t wait. After watching a presentation on new features online, yes I’m a dork, I am so excited for the new updates! Great search functions, integrated programs, better SMS. The countdown has begun!

2. New food websites! I’ve been trying to re-invent my diet and focus on eating healthy. On the whole, I’ve completely removed high fructose corn syrup, highly processed foods, and most meats. In Zion (pictures in album), we had a vegan and vegetarian with us and I was amazed at how good our food was! Best chili I’ve ever had made with tofu. Amazing double chocolate brownies and breakfast strawberry muffins. So, I decided to try out some new vegan recipes and see how I can start incorporating it into my life. I’m not quite sure where I stand yet on milk/eggs/cheese etc.

Website #1: vegweb.com

Website #2: veganyumyum.com (has an iphone app too!)

I’m going to make the easy weekend pancakes this morning and already have a ton saved that look amazing.