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Bouldering day trip to IBEX with Allie, Dave and Meg.

IBEX was a beautiful place to boulder. Thankfully the wind was mild and the sun was kind. We all managed to get a bit of sun but climbed on and off in long sleeves which was nice. Right off of some salt flats, it was a surreal and peaceful sight. Aside from a few stragglers we were the only ones there which was great. Rocks all to ourselves!

I had gone to the Patagonia outlet the day before so was excited to have some new base layer clothes with me! I had told Allie they had some good stuff. Little did we know we’d not only bought the same pants, but got ready for bouldering in the EXACT same clothes. Black long sleeve zip-up, blue Patagonia pants, green chaos. It made for a good laugh by all and some sweet “twin” pictures!