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Megan and I survived the tail end of our journey, stopping at a couple spots to break up the trip. One break was the Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Unbelievable waterfall tucked away near the highway. I love the power of water. The roar of the water crashing down below, the mist covering you as you watch, the endlessness of it all. It never ceases to fall, never ceases to deviate from its path, never lets up its power. Up near the left side of the waterfall was a gorgeous rainbow and of course all this is surrounded with the lush greenery of Oregon.

Later in the night, just as dusk was settling in we pulled off the road into an enormous tree farm. I had suggested to megan that we get out and run through a row, you could barely make out the light at the end of the tunnel and the trees were well over thirty feet. Every 8th tree had a bouy attached to it (I assume for counting) but I told Megan that I thought there were electric fences to keep out trespassers. I started to drive though a clearing that led to another small gravel road between the trees and just as I passed the first bouy I starting buzzing and shaking really hard. I just couldn’t help it. She freaked out which was, of course, the exact reaction I had hoped for. It was a pretty creepy place to be at night but a great side distraction!