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Well, the road trip saga continues. Megan flew back with Ryan and I after the funeral and we all hung out for a couple of days in Port Townsend before heading back to Utah. It was Megan’s first time visiting which was exciting for all of us. Port Townsend is a quaint historic Victorian town with many thriving local stores. We spent our first morning at Spruce Goose, a breakfast joint at the small airport. The waitress came back after we had all eaten and looked at Megan with huge incredulous eyes and said, “You ate all that!!” We got a good laugh out of that and so did Megan, even though she had to unbutton her pants to fit in her last pancake 🙂 Ryan’s trailer managed to fit all three of us. With no casualties from the three of us confined in such a small space, it was a success!! The beach was peaceful and a low tide meant a long barefoot walk. I forget how much I love the feel of sand between my toes. The sun felt great and the sand was warm enough that despite the chilly wind, laying down for a while was rejuvenating. We both got to see where Ryan is currently working, building fiber glass boats. I am constantly amazed at the work he does. Ryan lives an incredibly simple and rewarding life and is a constant encouragement for me to simplify and enjoy my surrounding. We had a great dinner with his neighbors Jeff and Connie. Connie is battling breast cancer and was thrilled to be having a good day. She cooked up some amazing sweet potato burgers and everyone was stuffed by the end of the night. They have quite the animal sanctuary out there on Llama Lane….2 draft horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, llamas of course, 4 dogs, and about 17 cats. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone but you get the idea. Fresh chicken and ducks eggs were a treat in the mornings! Sad to leave Ryan, but needing to finally get back home Megan and I left mid day on Saturday for our drive back.