Salt Lake City, Utah to Portland, Oregon to San Juan, Washington to West Salem, Illinois to Sellersburg, Indiana to Port Townsend, Washington and then finally a two day drive back home to Salt Lake City.

Road Trip anyone? A couple extra destinations got shoved into the mix and I ended up with my sister in tow on the way back. 

I started off with a trip planned for my brother and I in the San Juan Islands. I organized a weekend birthday trip for us at the Lakedale Resort in their canvas cabins. He convinced me a drive was necessary to pick up a handcrafted christmas present too large to ship. So, with a weekend scheduled and a long drive in store, I decided to make the best of it and add some destinations along the way.

First Stop: Portland, Oregon. Home to Rogue beer, endless rain, and best of all–my best friend Hailey. It is funny how you can go visit a friend in their new city, new home, new everything and still feel every bit at home. It had been a whopping 10 months since I had last seen her, which was a stark change from living with me. In first walking into her place, I glanced in the kitchen and just started laughing to the point of almost crying. Every cabinet door was left open, a habit that used to drive me nuts. Surely, I was home ;). And her oven had never been used. Well, I quickly changed that and it was back to old times–me rearranging her furniture, her losing her phone (only once!), and ditto still hissing at me. Some things just never change. Portland was a blast. I was happily lost in Powell’s Bookstore for a good three hours, we mossied around the Saturday market buying randomness, we demolished a platter of sushi and ginger, and won a salsa contest at a cinco de mayo party (yay mango salsa!). It was an incredible few days and made me remember how fortunate I am to have a friend such as her.