I ran naked thru the ocean with just my boots on. My parents try to love me. My parents got divorced. I stole $2. They then shot me and drove away. I was then beaten up because of my skin?? I got spirituality! Now I’m happy! LSD = happiness – health. Best sex ever! Now I’m a shaman. Listen Up! I married a rich man. Hooray. My feet hurt, so i bought new shoes, and that made me happy. I had a premature baby but she’s so beautiful. I had an evening of entertainment and laughter, what fun! My husband gave me a dis-ease. Ouch. I changed my father’s diaper. I took my grandkids to the movies. I can’t believe the shit they watch. My high school sweetheart tracked me down on the internet, but WTF? Nursing home and bring on the death.  

Happiness: 37, Health Points -3, Money: $999. (Chris’s Game Journal)


I was aborted at first. Then, I was born healthy and in the middle class. I was quickly orphaned and then hanged by school children but I lived. I had good sex and subsequently became a proctologist. I married Sally and have an intense sex life. God loves me, so does LSD. I contracted a dis-ease and lost my spirituality. I was in WWIII and all my land was lost, leaving me poor. I came home to watch my get arrested on the TV show COPS. I just found out I need a transplant and have 3 turns to live, unless someone else dies so I can get their organ. I then got the flu. The DMV took away my driver’s license in my old age. The stock market crashed and I lost all my money. I wandered off into a winter wonderland to die semi-happy. The Creator of the Universe let me live for a bit longer. He cured my transplant need–a new bladder! I was able to have sex one more time and it killed me. What a way to go!

Happiness: 26, Health Points: 0, Money: $0. (my journal)

Excerpts from the game, obviously a humorous twist to the real game of life. We bought it at the Saturday market from the creator who sells it locally. It’s a fun game with real life twist and absurdities all along the way. Nice touch: You win the game by your happiness, even if you die first!