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Seems silly, I’m sure, but I was missing my dogs so much this week that I baked them some home-made dog treats and sent them back home. I’ve been away from them for going on 4 months now and my house is incredibly lonely at times. I miss their wiggle waggles, ball antics, and snuggles. I have a collection of antique cookie cutters that I’ve collected since I was little with one that is an adorable dog cookie cutter. It was perfect for rolled out peanut butter patties. I always love an excuse to use my cookie cutters too!

My personal favorite cookie is a pumpkin chocolate chip. I’ve caught my Winston gobbling some down fresh off the counter. This recipe, pumpkin cookies, lacks the chocolate and honey that makes mine so delicious, but I figure they’d love them just the same. They were a lot of fun to make and I will definitely try to make them more homemade treats from here on out—healthier and cheaper than store bought!

Me and the Boys