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Ever have those days when you snap out of a trance and realize hours have gone by. So many actually, that dinner seems like it should be coming up…until you realize its 10pm and you are still in your pajamas. If not, I’m proud of you. I suffer from neurotic bits of scheduling paranoia. As in, if I don’t create numerous spreadsheets that outline my academic options for each semester, I feel like I just might explode. Now I realize that many of you may explode at the thought of having to create the spreadsheets…but somehow its cathartic for me. A visual and textual way to put my life in order. I feel at peace.

I originally spent about 4 hours making up the next 3 years of my life in a MPH focus called Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC). I had thought that there were subspecialties within this….apparently I was wrong.  The focus I became most interested, Maternal and Child Health, is an entirely different department in the MPH. As a consequence, the course requirements are different. At least I had some good templates from the first go around. 5 hours later, I am done and at peace. I’m really really excited about the program and can’t wait to start. Although, I wish we started end of the month rather than the beginning. 

Maybe I should have considered being a personal specialist who organizes peoples lives….or is that a secretary?

Oh—and if you do share a love of spreadsheets and don’t have Numbers, you are truly living in the dark.