I find them quite delicious. Cooked well, they can be surprisingly soft and yet still have a nice crunchiness with just a flavor of shrimp meat. Procrastinating work this afternoon and munching on some leftover salt and pepper shrimp, I randomly googled “eating shrimp tails”. Some responses suggest the tails contain higher levels of glucosamine, while one ER nurse adamantly warned against eating tails in case they puncture your GI and cause hemorrhaging. I think the latter would have to be uncooked tails, as most aren’t sharp though. I guess I had never given much thought to the little tails. 

I’m not sure when I started eating the tails, but I know most think I’m an abnormal diner for doing so. And yes, they are normally quite right in that statement. I do have some weird eating habits and most relate to shellfish actually. I have to, and I mean have to, de-meat all my crab or lobster from the shell before eating. A bit neurotic, I know. There is just something so satisfying about a buttery clump of crab though. Perhaps its the reward after all that hard work. Those little forks can really be troublesome. I can remember many a times growing up when my whole family would be done with their meal, and I would just finishing my glorious pile only to begin eating it when everyone else was wishing they had more! 

I also discovered today the ability to create polls. What a better way to test it out than to see who all eats shrimp tails. Do you dare to swallow them? I have a feeling I may be officially labeled a shrimp-tail-eating-freak, but by now I think I’m OK with that.