Back in the Game



After a long recovery from a neck injury and two grueling months of waking up at 4am for surgery…I’m back! The gorgeous warm weather today inspired me to lace up my shoes and sweat. I turned to my trusted site and picked up where I left off. I needed the several months off. I had managed to give myself a whiplash type injury from working out too hard…too tired and learned, yet again, how important it is to listen to my body. I took my time with emphasis on proper form (appreciating how much my stamina declined), enjoyed my new pink sandbag, and got slammed in the 300 Rep Fat Slaughter Workout. It.felt.good.  I’m optimistic my next rotations will be more gracious and allow me to continue staying active. I may be getting ahead of myself…but I’m anxious to get outside for some long rides and rock climbing!